“White Collar” allegations often involve arcane regulations and points of law where an experienced defense lawyer can make all the difference. Understanding the ins and outs of securities or finance and being able to explain them to a jury is often the key to a successful defense. What are actually normal financial transactions can be characterized by a biased prosecutor as criminal in a populist attempt to sway a jury. In addition, these cases are often backed by the full investigative powers of federal agencies such as the SEC or IRS.

The reality is that for “white collar” crimes to be successfully defended, you need a defense lawyer that is experienced with all types of criminal trials. Unfortunately, business people have a horrible success record at defending themselves against these allegations. One of the reasons is that they often hire the wrong lawyers. It is common for people accused of “white collar” crimes to hire “big firm” lawyers experienced with financial matters. The problem is that these “big firm” lawyers have little to no jury trial experience. The reality is that you do not receive a special jury for “white collar” offenses. It is the same jury pool as for a narcotics distribution or child pornography case. You need a defense lawyer who knows how to talk to that jury, not above their heads.

The other reality with “white collar” cases is that often, it is not even clear that the alleged conduct is even criminal. In addition, the investigations into these cases are often secretly conducted with the result that you may not even know you are under investigation or that your actions may be seen as illegal until you have been arrested and charged. If you even suspect you may be under investigation, contact an experienced D.C. white collar defense lawyer immediately.

Examples of “white collar” crimes are: insurance fraud, Medicare fraud, securities fraud, Medicaid fraud, embezzlement, bribery, and government procurement fraud.

I can fight for you in every stage of a “white collar” case. I can be hired at any time in the process, even when you are “only” under investigation. (The advice of an experienced defense lawyer is especially critical when you are under investigation.) Sometimes it is possible to avoid the allegations against you even going to a criminal trial.

You need a fighting defense lawyer because the federal criminal justice system is constructed with a simple goal in mind: to convict you and deliver the highest possible sentence. You will be pressured on every front to plead guilty, even though you are innocent of the charges. Occasionally, as a last resort, a plea deal of some sort is in your best interest; but only after an aggressive and accomplished lawyer has developed the leverage over the prosecution to get you the best deal possible. Often, you should simply fight tenaciously for your freedom. You need a lawyer who will do this every step of the way in a case involving “white collar” criminal allegations.