Freeburg Litigation aggressively defends felony charges, serious misdemeanor charges and DUIs within the District of Columbia and in U.S. military courts around the world. The rules of criminal procedure and evidence in D.C. are very similar to those in federal court and felony allegations in D.C. are actually prosecuted by federal Assistant U.S. Attorneys. Going up against that kind of prosecutorial firepower, you need an aggressive, experienced defense lawyer. If you are under investigation, do not make a statement to the authorities and call an experienced defense lawyer immediately.

Real Experience, Real Cases, Real Success

Nathan Freeburg has worked on murder, national security, rape and sexual assault cases that have been seen on: CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, McClatchy, Reuters, The Army Times, The Marine Corps Times, The Navy Times, The Air Force Times, Slate, Al Jazeera, BBC, Huffington Post and also seen on hundreds more media outlets. Our practice areas include: defending allegations of sexual assault and rape, defending allegations of murder or assault, defending allegations of "white collar" crimes, defending allegations involving the possession or distribution of narcotics and controlled substances, defending DUI/DWI cases in Washington, D.C., and defending military cases.

The Freeburg Litigation Promise

Legally, I can never promise results but I can and do promise to fight for you every step of the way. I can be hired at any point in the process, even when you are "only" under investigation. (The advice of an experienced defense lawyer is especially critical when law enforcement are still conducting their investigation.) I have experience with ending investigations by various law enforcement agencies and avoiding the allegations against you even going to a criminal trial.

For every type of prosecution charge and tactic, I have a "strike package" developed and designed to crush the prosecution at their own game. In the U.S. military, a "strike package" is a combination of all sorts of firepower designed to deal with all possible enemy threats at a target. Before every trial, I draw upon my experience and knowledge of the prosecutors and their playbooks to attack them with a complete strike package for everything they might try in their attempts to convict you. In the courtroom, the best defense is almost always a good offense. You can call (833) 237-8524 or email me at at any time 24/7 and I will respond as soon as possible.

Who is the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer for You?

A good felony criminal defense lawyer is not your therapist or even your friend. He or she is the one person who stands between you and the awesome power of the federal government. No one else can do that for you. The best criminal defense lawyer for you is the one who can even the playing field between you and the prosecution.

In truth, prosecutors have unlimited amounts of money, investigators, police and paralegals all working with one purpose: to convict you and send you to prison for as long as possible. They will pressure you on every front to plead guilty, even though you are innocent of the charges.  (And make no mistake, American prisons are full of the innocent or partially innocent.) A felony conviction has lifelong consequences that you will likely never overcome.

The government uses incredibly tough and long prison sentences (far longer than elsewhere in the civilized world) to force you to make a plea deal. And when a judge dares to give a lighter sentence, they are attacked mercilessly so that no other judge would ever dare do the same. The result of this is that many many people end up pleading guilty to crimes that they are innocent of, in order to avoid a horribly long prison sentence for crimes they did not commit.

Your only other choice is to simply fight tenaciously for your freedom in court and the best lawyer for you is one who will do this every step of the way. The only way to fight back is to find a felony criminal defense lawyer who will tailor a battle plan to your specific situation. Who will investigate the prosecution’s case meticulously and find the weak points and then attack, attack, and attack again.

The reality is that choosing the best criminal defense lawyer for you can make the difference between going to prison and spending every day of your life with your loved ones. Your choice matters.